#ISPOWER Photo Competition

What does #ISPOWER mean to you? Choose your preferred photo!

Empowering P&Os to share their research, knowledge and experience
131 votes (32%)

Empowering PWDs through education
63 votes (16%)

Informing the world about the need to empower PWDs
45 votes (11%)

Hope for the disabled
35 votes (9%)

Allowing PWDs to do what they like
30 votes (7%)

Empowering PWDs through sports and games
19 votes (5%)

Spreading the word amongst P&Os to improve PWDs' lives
19 votes (5%)

Allowing kids with disabilities to go to school
19 votes (5%)

Allowing PWDs to learn new skills
16 votes (4%)

Unleashing PWDs 'potential
11 votes (3%)

Disability does not mean inability
6 votes (1%)

#ISPOWER is about sharing goodwill
5 votes (1%)

Inclusion of PWDs in their daily lives
3 votes (1%)

Team work with PWDs to help them reach their potential
2 votes (0%)

Support us in empowering PWDs
0 votes (0%)

Total votes: 404
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