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Latest public polls:

Do you think bitcoin value will rise? (25 votes)
Would you rather be rich and dumb, or poor and smart? (492 votes)
Will Donald Trump Be Impeached? (431 votes)
Would you rather die old and sad or mid-age and happy? (637 votes)
Would you rather know how or when you're going to die? (434 votes)
Do you think global warming is real? (663 votes)
Is Donald Trump a good President so far? (1503 votes)
Which Fast Food Chains Do You Dislike? (1783 votes)
Should Cannabis be Legal? (621 votes)
Do you think vaccines cause autism? (514 votes)
Do you believe in ghosts? (404 votes)
iPhone vs. Android: Which is better? (207 votes)
Use of performance enhancement drugs (54 votes)
Was 2016 a terrible year? (459 votes)
Do you think there is intelligent life on other planets in the universe? (1069 votes)
Should Murderers and Other Brutal Criminals Be Executed? (546 votes)
How would a dog wear pants? (508 votes)
How would you describe Donald Trump? (3008 votes)
Best free email service provider? (273 votes)
What do you think of Windows 10 (116 votes)
Who will win US presidental ellections 2016 (227 votes)
Best Star Wars Movie (188 votes)
Best MOBA? LOL vs DOTA2 vs HoN vs HOTS (227 votes)
How much daily do you play video games? (126 votes)
Do you use VPN/proxy? (93 votes)
Do you think Leonardo DiCaprio will win Oscar in 2016? (107 votes)
Which is better xBox One or PS4 (142 votes)
Who is better Michael Jordan or Lebron James (511 votes)
Which Browser is Best 2016 (530 votes)

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